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I'm Janylene

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, ICF Certified Coach, Hypnocoach & licenced Rapid Transformational Therapist  RTT®

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Let me tell you my story...

I have made my passion to guide people transformations without years of work because I know how good it feels to live free from our limiting beliefs and experience equanimity. My approach is quite surgical and focused yet intuitive and compassionate. I love to see concrete changes so I have chosen the tools that offer fast and long lasting results. 


After an intense career in the corporate world,  I went through a radical professional and personal transition that led me to finally embrace a sober life. This sober life is everything to me, the foundation of who I became and without it, I would not live my best life as I am now. It created the bridge to a new beginning as a Hypnotherapist and as now a ARTT ( Approved Rapid Transformational Therapist) and Hypnocoach


It took me a while to realize that through this experience, I had created a practical 3 simple steps roadmap to important life-career changes in a skillful dosage of academics and real life experiments. Whether you work with me on a one on one basis or in my group programs, the approach is really down to earth plus it relies on proven and awarded methods and techniques, no need to go through your whole life details.


The answers and the keys to your challenges are already within you and it’s a privilege  to have witnessed so many individuals claiming those keys and opening the doors of their sovereignty in complete confidence. Those keys are available to you too ! To claim your keys to freedom, book a 30 free minutes call. 


With Joy, Respect, Confidentiality & Results.

Vent dans ses cheveux

A wonderful gift

I discovered JANYLENE HYPNO through a good friend of mine. I was attracted from the start by the philosophy behind the RTT HypnoCoach experience. The relation between the therapist and the "patient" client who goes through the filter of hypnosis is quite effective. But, I must confess that I quickly gained confidence with Janylene. She knew how to make me feel good and she found the keys so that I could open myself up effectively to tackle a subject that has been weighing on my shoulders for many years. Her comments, suggestions, very focused questions and colorful examples quickly allowed me to work on this so painful issue in my life. I felt that I had an ally to accompany me.


As a team we explored this state that bothers me so much, I felt that we were on the front lines together to understand the root of what had been poisoning my life for far too long. I can't believe how far I've come in 2 months. I am really very very happy. Happy with the result, but also with the gift I have given myself by participating in this therapy. I do not exclude that one day I may need to explore other issues with her. For the moment I feel equipped to continue on my way, with much lighter shoulders and especially with lightness in my heart, despite the difficult times we are going through. I wish you one day to give you this wonderful gift.

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