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"I really feel I have moved on and I have a way now to face things.

I'm so happy.  "

- A.S. (Jérusalem) 

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Inge Broer

Energy Healer & Teacher

Janylène is a true joy to work with. 


Not only is her work deeply transformative, the way she approaches it (with humor and kindness) you feel you can face anything in her care. 


Nathalie Bibeau
Founding President


I work with 2 coaches already: business and life, but this is the first time I've gone so deep so fast in order to solve fears that slowed me down in my professional development.

​Janylene's proposition is to get to the heart of the problem and to quickly understand what is in our way. It is incredibly efficient. Janylene has the rare ability to establish trust and hone in on exactly on where the issue lies.

​I recommend Janylene to everyone without hesitation.

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Nathalie Rousseau
Designer and President

Mlle Rousseau

My ultimate dream was to earn a living doing what I love. But as I entered the business world, I felt vulnerable in the face of such a monumental task. Hiring Janylene was my first excellent decision as an entrepreneur. Janylene is dynamic, competent and tuned in.


I learned to structure my work so as to be a more effective at planning, thus reaching my goals with less stress. Janylene acted as my point person and external eye, helping me quell my impostor syndrome, which made me doubt myself. I am very grateful to have been able to work with such a kind and professional coach.

Homme senior

I think it works!


Good morning Janilene, I hope you are well. I am at my lover's house this morning, reading in the sun on the balcony and I am so happy.


I feel like he is exactly what I wanted (2-3 things aside), but nothing is perfect! I think it works !!! 😁 Thank you! Bon we! Xx

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What a reconnecting moment this hypnosis session was... I very much appreciated the process, the way you guided it, the question about the reasons for attachment to negative belief, the reprogramming of positive belief and the great sense of calm that this session brought me.

I would appreciate being able to get the recording, I look forward to listening to it and replaying it to anchor this new positive belief and relive this moment of well-being over and over again.

Thank you so much for sharing, it's definitely a game-changer!

A.R. (USA)

WOW. Life-changing is the only way to describe my RTT session with Janylene. It was absolutely amazing in that it got down to the root causes of some major blocks holding me back in career and in personal relationships and money. I no longer remembered the past, only the lessons, and I came out even more calm and confident than I had been in a while!


For anyone seeking rapid transformation without tears of buying programs from self-proclaimed gurus and spiritual teachers, this is the best use of money I could think of. One two-to three-hour session can transform a lifetime of your limiting beliefs and what is holding you back from being the very best version of yourself. The day after I saw myself different and taking my life back where I was holding back before. Thank you, Merci beaucoup, gracias, and arigato from me to you. Marissa’s technique is PowerFULL and that is no overstatement.

A.W. (USA)

I am so grateful for the help of Janylene Turcotte. I was struggling with having about 5 hours of sleep or less at night and as a result of this it made it difficult to fully function at my job.

The night after our session I slept so deeply and woke absolutely refreshed--something that had not been experienced in years. The sound file she gave me to listen to is now a part of my nightly routine and it brings me such great results that I may never stop listening to it. It is so wonderful that after only one session my insomnia is gone.


Thank you, Janylene!

Femme professionnelle

Thank Janylene

Holly Higgins

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

North Carolina, USA

Janylene is an incredibly talented hypnotherapist! In just a couple of sessions, she was able to uncover so much about the true root cause of my issues — more than I have been able to do in 10 years of personal growth and several years of conventional therapy. She helped me reframe stubborn beliefs and rewire my thoughts for freedom, abundance, and joy. Janylene is truly caring, supportive, and easy to talk to.


I felt so safe and supported during our sessions, even when deep emotions came up. I can't recommend her more highly. If you are interested in RTT, and a new way to approach your challenges and blocks, Janylene is the absolute best!

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N.D. (USA)

I saw Janylène to work on my issues with anger and resentment, related to my recent divorce. I was surprised when Janylène took me back to uncover similar feelings I experienced in my childhood and she was amazing on guiding me to show me how they affected me today.


I felt very safe and supported and, I know the techniques she used helped me resolve emotions I've been carrying for over 40 years, because I felt so light at the end, amazing experience!

Thank you so much Janylène!

Dee S. Blais 


Don’t hesitate!! You feel like you have energy leaks in your life, you feel like something is holding you back from being all you can be? You are probably right!My experience?I couldn’t verbally express my feeling until days later, I was simply SPEECHLESS ! Janylene’s beautiful RTT session was beyond my expectations.I felt so amazing, like I hadn’t felt in forever.I agreed to let the calm move in and hold the space for that blissful feeling.I never thought I could feel so FREE and LIBERATED instantly.


It made me realize how my past limiting beliefs were weighing heavy on my mind, my thoughts, my body and my heart!All this in one session (2 1/2 hours).I needed to unlock useless stories about my relationship with my finances, my love life and my career. Now, the way I see, perceive, think, act has completely shifted. I am finally at peace. Joyfully.


50 years old, libido down... and now menopause is trying to make its entrance! What's going on? What's going on! What will happen to us as a couple? No matter how hard I try, nothing seems to work. I love my partner... Janylene's quotes come sailing across my Facebook wall... I wonder what my "subconscious" is trying to tell me about it all?

Oh! It has lots to say... it's been putting up safety barriers all these years, but now they're no longer relevant. With my consent, we reprogram... we install a new version of myself!!!! In no time at all, I can feel the changes happening all around me and everything, everything is so much more enjoyable!

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It is difficult to express into words how this experience has shaped my life!  From beginning to end, Janylène was always available, honest and so encouraging.  I know people struggle with so many different things in life, but I can assure you that the best investment you can ever make in your life is in yourself.  No one will do it for you.


Everyone has the power to change their thoughts, habits and feelings.  Janylène is like an antidote to those negative feelings you have of yourself and shows you how to embark on the path that was always meant for you.  I absolutely recommend working with Janylène.  I will always be grateful to her for being my angel disguised as a beautiful human being.

Everyone should have hypnosis sessions like this. Janylene takes us into a hitherto unknown universe. She knows how to find reformulations of our own sentences that allow us to connect with certain life experiences that we had forgotten existed or that we had not yet been aware of. Sometimes I had the impression that she knew better than I did what was going on in my inner strength and without verbalizing it herself, she was able to make me see it for myself. I have seen many positive changes after each of my encounters with her.


At first I was rather negative and didn't believe that things were going to go well for me in my life. After a few sessions with Janylene, I saw how our beliefs can limit us or on the contrary make us evolve for the better, it is up to us to see what we want and to believe in it to make it happen in our lives. I think we need to believe in our human potential and believe in this method to help us go further than we thought we could go. Thank you for leading me to this great and beautiful change, I really appreciate it, it's great!

I was accompanied by Janylene through this very rich and necessary transformative journey. It was an encounter that was to come my way. Through these intense sessions, I trusted Janylene to jump into the world of hypnosis and to meet my unconscious. It has so much to tell us to guide us towards what is good for us.


Janylene has many tools and she has deployed them with respect, agility and passion so that I can defeat very limiting beliefs that had consequences that I had been dragging for too long and that were pulling me back and now I feel lighter, more confident, at peace and I feel this lightness that propels me and especially gives me back my confidence in this strength that has always been there.


This journey is very fast and at the same time deep is very effective because you decide to dive in yourself and reconnect with the essential, OUR essential. I would be infinitely grateful for this encounter with Janylene and for her very competent and caring accompaniment!



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I had the privilege of being coached by Janylene Turcotte.


Her active listening, caring and impact approach helped me to quickly free myself from certain limiting beliefs in order to fully believe in my abilities and accelerate the launch of my business.


I strongly recommend her personalized support.  - Corinne Chrétien

The therapy with Janylene enabled me to see the unseen. This work helped me clear the path to this small but big shadow in my mind - weighing me down. It brought me back to believing in my beliefs - and holding on to who I want to be - while in relationship with others.


I feel at peace and serene. I have the power to act and move forward into who I want to be!!! Thank you, Janylene <3 <3

When you are ready to meet yourself, the changes are fantastic and life shines with 1000 suns !  When we first met, the current passed between Janylene and me, and in a few minutes I knew that she was able to help me grow. Her gentleness, her drive, her incredible ability to identify what limits us allow us to initiate great changes! 


''The biggest and most beautiful change is the connection with myself. The recognition of all that I am, to accept it and to celebrate it. This has brought me a sense of serenity and fulfillment and has allowed me to make liberating decisions and make a real change in my life.


One of the great gifts, unsuspected, is that it has given me great confidence when I speak in English. As a Francophone, I had an apprehension when I spoke in English that could go as far as blocking me and preventing me from picking up a single word when I was capable of doing so. With Janylene, smoothly, we identified the root causes, broke down false beliefs and today I have no apprehension or anxiety when I have to speak in English. The most surprising thing was that I did this therapy session in English! A revelation...


This gentle transformation is a fabulous gift, it allowed me to reconcile the past and the present and to equip myself for the future. All this with confidence, gentleness and laughter. Many subjects were discussed, some of them hard, extremely hard, and yet all I keep is happiness and gratitude.


I look at the prism of my life from another point of view and I dive in!

Thank you Janylene''

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I discovered JANYLENE HYPNO through a good friend of mine. I was attracted from the start by the philosophy behind the RTT HypnoCoach experience. The relation between the therapist and the "patient" client who goes through the filter of hypnosis is quite effective. But, I must confess that I quickly gained confidence with Janylene. She knew how to make me feel good and she found the keys so that I could open myself up effectively to tackle a subject that has been weighing on my shoulders for many years. Her comments, suggestions, very focused questions and colorful examples quickly allowed me to work on this so painful issue in my life.


I felt that I had an ally to accompany me. As a team we explored this state that bothers me so much, I felt that we were on the front lines together to understand the root of what had been poisoning my life for far too long. I can't believe how far I've come in 2 months. I am really very very happy. Happy with the result, but also with the gift I have given myself by participating in this therapy.


I do not exclude that one day I may need to explore other issues with her. For the moment I feel equipped to continue on my way, with much lighter shoulders and especially with lightness in my heart, despite the difficult times we are going through. I wish you one day to give you this wonderful gift.

Janylene is a hypnotherapist and hyper outcome-oriented (this is really what sets her apart in her field).

She offered me a private hypnosis session 2 weeks ago, during which I was able to concretely work on a belief that I wanted to change: that of being trapped by my eating problems (acidity, eating disorder and allergies).

These disorders manifested themselves daily in many forms including panic attacks (I had panic attacks every day).

-Dead white

-cardiac arithmetic


Well. Since my hypnosis session (Nov 24th), I haven't had a panic attack, not a single one.

At first I was kind of confident of undertaking this therapy, the hypnosis component of the program is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing that can be used even after therapy which makes a comforting tool at hand.

As for contact with Janylene as a therapist, she is a very open-minded person who does not judge, who knows how to listen and we feel that she loves what she does!

Thank you Janylene for your program because we can only come out of an experience with you!

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