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Experience amazing results with Janylene

Testimonials: Témoignages

My insomnia is gone !

A.W. (USA)

I am so grateful for the help of Janylene Turcotte. I was struggling with having about 5 hours of sleep or less at night and as a result of this it made it difficult to fully function at my job.
The night after our session I slept so deeply and woke absolutely refreshed--something that had not been experienced in years. The sound file she gave me to listen to is now a part of my nightly routine and it brings me such great results that I may never stop listening to it. It is so wonderful that after only one session my insomnia is gone
. Thank you, Janylene!

Exceeded my expectations

T.P. (USA)

Janylene and I met in Los Angeles when we were trained by Marissa Peer.  I have been a successful healthcare provider for 22 years.  Janylene is a very dedicated and talented RTT Therapist.  I was really excited to have a session with her and she even exceeded my high expectations!  Janylene confidently, kindly and expertly guided me through scenes and exercises that allowed me to connect with and heal deep wounds from my past.  I am really grateful for my session with her.  It was exceedingly soothing to my nervous system and so joyfully uplifting to my spirit!

My first excellent decision as an entrepreneur

Nathalie Rousseau
Designer and President

Mlle Rousseau

My ultimate dream was to earn a living doing what I love. But as I entered the business world, I felt vulnerable in the face of such a monumental task. Hiring Janylene was my first excellent decision as an entrepreneur. Janylene is dynamic, competent and tuned in. I learned to structure my work so as to be a more effective at planning, thus reaching my goals with less stress. Janylene acted as my point person and external eye, helping me quell my impostor syndrome, which made me doubt myself. I am very grateful to have been able to work with such a kind and professional coach.

Nathalie Rousseau.jpg

Thanks for the joy!


50 years old, libido down... and now menopause is trying to make its entrance! What's going on? What's going on! What will happen to us as a couple? No matter how hard I try, nothing seems to work. I love my partner... Janylene's quotes come sailing across my Facebook wall... I wonder what my "subconscious" is trying to tell me about it all?

Oh! It has lots to say... it's been putting up safety barriers all these years, but now they're no longer relevant. With my consent, we reprogram... we install a new version of myself!!!! In no time at all, I can feel the changes happening all around me and everything, everything is so much more enjoyable!

I think it works!


Good morning Janilene, I hope you are well. I am at my lover's house this morning, reading in the sun on the balcony and I am so happy. I feel like he is exactly what I wanted (2-3 things aside), but nothing is perfect! I think it works !!! 😁 Thank you! Bon we! Xx

Emotions I've been carrying for over 40 years

N.D. (USA)

I saw Janylène to work on my issues with anger and resentment, related to my recent divorce. I was surprised when Janylène took me back to uncover similar feelings I experienced in my childhood and she was amazing on guiding me to show me how they affected me today. I felt very safe and supported and, I know the techniques she used helped me resolve emotions I've been carrying for over 40 years, because I felt so light at the end, amazing experience!

Thank you so much Janylène!

Janylene MERCI!

Dee S. Blais (Canada)

Don’t hesitate!! You feel like you have energy leaks in your life, you feel like something is holding you back from being all you can be? You are probably right!My experience?I couldn’t verbally express my feeling until days later, I was simply SPEECHLESS ! Janylene’s beautiful RTT session was beyond my expectations.I felt so amazing, like I hadn’t felt in forever.I agreed to let the calm move in and hold the space for that blissful feeling.I never thought I could feel so FREE and LIBERATED instantly.It made me realize how my past limiting beliefs were weighing heavy on my mind, my thoughts, my body and my heart!All this in one session (2 1/2 hours).I needed to unlock useless stories about my relationship with my finances, my love life and my career. Now, the way I see, perceive, think, act has completely shifted. I am finally at peace. Joyfully.

Life changing

A.R. (USA)

WOW. Life-changing is the only way to describe my RTT session with Janylene. It was absolutely amazing in that it got down to the root causes of some major blocks holding me back in career and in personal relationships and money. I no longer remembered the past, only the lessons, and I came out even more calm and confident than I had been in a while! For anyone seeking rapid transformation without tears of buying programs from self-proclaimed gurus and spiritual teachers, this is the best use of money I could think of. One two-to three-hour session can transform a lifetime of your limiting beliefs and what is holding you back from being the very best version of yourself. The day after I saw myself different and taking my life back where I was holding back before. Thank you, Merci beaucoup, gracias, and arigato from me to you. Marissa’s technique is PowerFULL and that is no overstatement.

I have a way now to face things

A.S. (Jerusalem)

Six-week Transformational Program Client

I am in my mid-forties.

At the end of my twenties, I started having panic attacks, which I had never heard of at the time. They were related to so many choices I had made in my life, my relationships, my husband, my values, my career, and, mostly, my parents' and sister’s judgement and all my efforts to be accepted by them and by the whole family.

Through the years, I tried several techniques and lifestyle changes, I did lots of work during the past 16 years, I even took antidepressants for a year and a half, and it helped a bit but didn’t solve the issue, I kept having anxiety, fear, anger, and depression on and off. I canceled so many work or fun trips, I refused better opportunities for my career. And I felt stuck in a box can't get out of it, my head was packed and packed with issues that I can’t run away from.

Then this year I found out about RTT hypnosis, and I started my sessions with Janylene, I started feeling the change quickly, the change in the way I think, the way my mind functions and see things and deal with the issues that bother me. I started to have better energy, better sleep, I started to understand why all this happened to me, I started to feel stronger, less lonely, I started to love myself again, and to gain confidence.  

What I say may seem hard to believe, but it's true, my mind transformed, and my whole life too. I gained myself back and I gained my life back in a moment I felt there would be no cure for me and my pain and problems. In a moment I was about to go back to antidepressants again and maybe get more drowned in my problems. I'm more friends with myself now, I have better coping skills. I don t think I will go back to depression or panic attacks again.

I have a different technique to deal with my issues and anxieties and fears and disappointments.

I don’t say that all is solved 100%, no it’s not, but I moved a huge step towards myself and my happiness, towards my present. I'm not stuck in my problems and in the past. I really feel I have moved on and I have a way now to face things.

I'm so happy.

The true root cause of my issues

Holly Higgings.jpg

Holly Higgins

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

North Carolina, USA

Janylene is an incredibly talented hypnotherapist! In just a couple of sessions, she was able to uncover so much about the true root cause of my issues — more than I have been able to do in 10 years of personal growth and several years of conventional therapy. She helped me reframe stubborn beliefs and rewire my thoughts for freedom, abundance, and joy. Janylene is truly caring, supportive, and easy to talk to. I felt so safe and supported during our sessions, even when deep emotions came up. I can't recommend her more highly. If you are interested in RTT, and a new way to approach your challenges and blocks, Janylene is the absolute best!

You can face anything in her care

Inge Broer

Energy Healer & Teacher

Janylène is a true joy to work with. 


Not only is her work deeply transformative, the way she approaches it (with humor and kindness) you feel you can face anything in her care. 

Outdoors Smile Inge Broer.jpg

So deep, so fast

Nathalie Bibeau
Founding President


I work with 2 coaches already: business and life, but this is the first time I've gone so deep so fast in order to solve fears that slowed me down in my professional development.

​Janylene's proposition is to get to the heart of the problem and to quickly understand what is in our way. It is incredibly efficient. Janylene has the rare ability to establish trust and hone in on exactly on where the issue lies.

​I recommend Janylene to everyone without hesitation.


The results of working with Janylene surpassed all my expectations.

N. (Montreal)

I had 5 very powerful sessions with Janylene Turcotte. The results of working with Janylene surpassed all my expectations. Janylene is an incredibly gifted, empathetic and insightful coach who doesn’t leave a stone unturned. My sessions with Janylene have not only been helpful but also very powerful due to her outstanding ability to guide safely through the RTT process. Working with Janylene helped me change my mindset, see things in different light, remove limiting beliefs ! I feel fully equipped to face anything that will come my way, because I know, with unwavering certainty, that I can absolutely change my beliefs for marvelous, fantastic new shining beliefs and achieve every goal i set for myself ! I would highly recommend Janylene Turcotte and wish her all the best !

Definitely a game changer



What a reconnecting moment this hypnosis session was... I very much appreciated the process, the way you guided it, the question about the reasons for attachment to negative belief, the reprogramming of positive belief and the great sense of calm that this session brought me.

I would appreciate being able to get the recording, I look forward to listening to it and replaying it to anchor this new positive belief and relive this moment of well-being over and over again.

Thank you so much for sharing, it's definitely a game-changer!

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