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20 Things That Have Changed in 2020

Gratitude for 2020 - 20 things that have RADICALLY changed

Diving into the heart of one's unconscious mind to discover its treasures is a transformational experience like no other. Seeing in full light the cause of our difficulties, of our blockages and then offering ourselves the privilege of freeing ourselves from them is a gift that many can’t even dream of.

Gratitude for my clients who, in 2020, have gone beyond their comfort zone and courageously adopted new paths that were unfamiliar to them, who have changed their limiting beliefs for new ones that propel them into the year 2021 with confidence and great enthusiasm.

Let's now turn our attention to the superb life and career transitions that lie ahead in 2021!


10 examples of beliefs that my clients have changed in 2020:

  1. Now I know I have value, that my value does not fluctuate with the opinions of others.

  2. I deserve to take my place, there is room for me.

  3. I am pretty.

  4. I am adequate.

  5. I can be me safely.

  6. I am confident that I have all the tools to cope with what comes my way.

  7. I know that I have everything I need to meet the right person for me.

  8. I enjoy interacting with new people and building relationships.

  9. I can absolutely change my beliefs.

  10. I am indifferent to criticism.

10 things that have changed in my clients' lives as a result of the sessions:

  1. I sleep through the night, I have energy, I don't wake up nor worry about the day ahead.

  2. I no longer drink alcohol during the week or when I am alone, in fact I hardly drink now.

  3. I eat my fill and I stop, I don't nibble anymore, I lost 10 pounds easily.

  4. I have left my job and now I am doing a due diligence of the different offers I have in front of me.

  5. I had conversations with my spouse like we've never had before, I was able to be me.

  6. I express my differences of opinion to my business associates with confidence.

  7. I speak English with confidence, words come easily to me.

  8. I interacted with a very difficult client without feeling stupid, I was able to listen to his needs without being confused by my feeling of inferiority.

  9. I met a man who is very different from my old patterns, I took the time to get to know him and I am very happy with him by my side.

  10. I made my sales turnover of one year in 3 weeks, I am on a roll.

10 excerpts from testimonials of satisfied customers who quickly obtained concrete results:

1. «This reprogramming allowed me to transform my beliefs into healthy, soothing and healing beliefs. True beliefs that already allow me and will allow me to continue my personal and professional evolution in a positive energy and aligned with my values. »

2. « The therapy with Janylène enables me to see the unseen. This work helped me clear the path to this small but big shadow in my mind - weighing me down. »

3. « Janylène enables reaching World-Class success through a life transforming experience ! »

4. « Janylène is an incredibly gifted, empathetic and insightful coach who doesn't leave a stone unturned. My sessions with Janylene have not only been helpful, but also very powerful due to her outstanding ability to guide safely through the RTT process. »

5. « I feel fully equipped to face anything that will come my way because I know, with unwavering certainty, that I can absolutely change my beliefs for marvelous and fantastic new shining beliefs. »

6. « Today I have no apprehension or anxiety when I have to speak in English. The most surprising thing was that I did this therapy session in English! A revelation... »

7. « Then this year I found out about RTT hypnosis, and I started my sessions with Janylène, I started feeling the change quickly, the change in the way I think, in the way my mind functions, sees things and deals with the issues that bother me. I started to have better energy, better sleep, I started to understand why all this happened to me, I started to feel stronger, beautiful, I started to love myself again, and to gain confidence.

8. « By the way, I think this is about our last session or so, I got pregnant (I'm 21 weeks along). Life didn't give me a child because I had things to take care of, it's obvious! Thank you for unlocking all this. Thank you for everything. Have a nice day! »

9. « I am very grateful for the help of Janylène Turcotte. I was barely getting 5 hours of sleep per night and as a result, I was tired, which made my days at work difficult. The night after our session, I slept really deeply and woke up completely rejuvenated, something that hadn't happened to me in years. »

10. « For anyone seeking rapid transformation without tears of buying programs from self-proclaimed gurus and spiritual teachers, this is the best use of money I could think of. »

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