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Anna Is Asking Me To Share This With You !

Many of you have read Anna's story published last week.

She is asking me to share this below with you.

You will soon understand why, I keep saying how fortunate I am to work with wonderful people who really take the leap into the wonderful world of hypnosis!

''Good morning to you, You have just read the story of my transformation. Transformation that I could not have succeeded without hypnocoaching because my limitations were far, far away in my unconscious.

Buried without me knowing but with consequences and a significant impact on my professional life. I went from a person who based her worth on the recognition that others were willing to give me (out of my control and waiting for this recognition) to I no longer need others to grant me recognition (in control and no longer in waiting).

My value has become clear, clear, strong, priceless because I now feel that I am unique and aligned with my deepest essence. I wish you to discover this essence, YOURS, because it also comes with professional achievement and happiness at work!''


The champion of the drawing competition!

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