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Anna's story or how to find your path

Today, let's talk about how Anna has found her path.

Anna has just finished her course to become a certified coach. She flirts with the idea of ​​going into business, but is afraid of failure. She is not well in her current job as she feels that she is limited in her creativity and in her ability to help others.

"I am not able to sell myself";

"I've been in business before and had to give up";

“I don't like my current job, I would rather help people”;

"I have invested a lot so far, and now I feel stuck";

Under hypnosis, it became clear to Anna that her recurring thoughts were a reflection of deep beliefs, acting as a continuously rolling sequence that she was unaware of, which made her feel like trapped.

"I need recognition and approval from others to feel my worth";

"The others don't have the resources to be successful, so I have to help them";

"To be loved and appreciated at my true worth, I must help others";

"Because I'm different, I can't really be myself in a company."

Then, Anna clearly realized that her need to help was in fact a need for recognition from others, that she wanted to become indispensable to them, and rather that she wanted to be loved and appreciated just for who she was. That she was valuable no matter what she did for a living. In addition, there were plenty of jobs that required these strengths: diligence, respect, teamwork, creativity, coaching, sense of organization, etc. In short, she could use her skills and be herself in a company.

After establishing under hypnosis what she really wanted to accomplish in a possible job, we anchored her approach on an event where she had felt hyper confident when she was a child (champion of a drawing competition ) and we recreated that sense of pride in order to project her into a new job.

We did, under hypnosis, interview simulations to objectively target Anna's blockages so that she could find a job that fully corresponded to what was buried in her subconscious. Now, more than anything, she knows that she is valuable, that she no longer necessarily needs external approval, that others have all the tools they need to be successful, and that with her help , they can activate them and succeed. She no longer carries the weight of other people's success on her shoulders.

Replacing beliefs is easier than it looks and it can be done very quickly, especially with help.

In conclusion, Anna now recognizes her full worth and no longer feels diminished for not having started her business like many of her colleagues did. She follows her path and recognizes her strengths and talent, then contributes to the success of others without taking full responsibility.

Hypnocoach offers individual and group program, Hypno 360.

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Janylène Turcotte

Life & Career Transition

ACC, C. Hyp, RTT

514 576-9578

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