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Caroline, the Business Leader Who Procrastinates.

Caroline is a disciplined, successful entrepreneur at the head of a large company.

The one who got up every morning at 5am:

exercises, reading, journal, etc.

And then, she can no longer get up. 🧐

Suddenly, she has no more spirit and has no idea why.

Her days are going well ... except in the morning.

Under hypnosis, a return to her childhood shows her the following:

In the morning, her father would wake her up by pulling her by the feet:

"Come on, get up, lazy girl!"

"Get up, you are useless!" Etc.

She even remembers the anger she felt at the time upon hearing such words.

Caroline is an innovative, intelligent and creative little girl. Unfortunately, she is interested in things that her family does not care about (arts, creation, etc.) but all she keeps hearing is her father's voice :

"Why do you always want to complicate everything, keep it simple!"

"Caroline, nobody cares about your ideas!"

Caroline is currently working on a large innovative project and, under hypnosis, she becomes aware of her inner dialogue:

"Why am I doing this?"

"It won't interest anyone!" And so on.

As the session progresses, she also understands the morning anger: she does not get up because she is afraid to start this project. She thought she had become lazy with age ...

We therefore worked on changing her beliefs under hypnosis:

"I am very creative";

"I have phenomenal ideas";

"People love, need and ask for my project".

We also reprogrammed her morning routine: wake up time, exercises, etc.

11 months later, her project is alive and well, she has many clients and has initiated two other ambitious projects. All in the midst of COVID-19!

An inexplicable procrastination at the start, which took on its full meaning and, above all, allowed Caroline to understand, undo and reprogram her beliefs. In addition to bringing her substantial income and a lot of energy for other projects!

Sometimes to get the real answers you have to speak directly with the subconscious mind.

This is where all the power of hypnosis lies.

with gratitude


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