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Nathalie love story !

On this Valentine's Day week, it is fitting for me to present the 2nd theme of our new HYPNO360 program launched last January: Love.

Love and relationships are at the heart of our lives. One of the beliefs that recurs often: ''I don't know how to manage my relationships, I sabotage everything''. The starting point to work on a recurring pattern in love is always ourselves. That is, changing our own beliefs and embodying what we really want.

Let's take the case of Nathalie. Under hypnosis, we went through her past love history, identified relevant elements and beliefs related to certain types of people. For Nathalie, as soon as a man was "affectionate", he got a free entry ticket into her life without regard for the other characteristics of his personality. The second thing we discovered while working together was that she rejected all men who were closely or remotely related to her professional field.

We were able to see where her biases, prejudices or personal appeals were coming from and established a new set of search criteria. She has since met men who are very different from the ones she used date, and she has learned to recognize her own responses and behaviours, and above all, to take her time.

It was very uncomfortable at first as it was unfamiliar to her, but she gradually began to appreciate this approach and started to meet more interesting people.

The thing that surprised her the most? She no longer feels rejected when an encounter is inconclusive. Instead, she feels that she is learning more about herself, meeting new types of people and experiencing diverse relationships.

She is now serene and has a boyfriend in her life since 3 months: a person she would never have considered before but with whom she feels good, to her great surprise!

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