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Paul, the self-conscious entrepreneur!

We all have beliefs that stand in our way. Sometimes they prevent our company from progressing.

Paul is convinced that he is very bad at personnel management and this is why his employees are leaving and there is nothing he can do about it.

The rapid expansion of his company combined with high personnel turnover are concerning to him.

His beliefs are:

"I am unable to manage staff, because many of my employees quit."

"Since many people resign, I waste my time when I invest into building relationship and trying to connect with them.

"I'm not good enough for them to want to continue working here."

Those are looping thoughts that were becoming self fulfilling prophecy.

While working deeper into his story Paul and I understood where his thoughts were coming from:

In his childhood, his father often went away for work for long periods of time. Other details linked to abandonment are also part of the story at the root of his beliefs.

So what do we do then ?

Change the story, therefore the beliefs:

"When someone leaves, someone or something better comes along"

"Everyone has the right to make choices for themselves, even if I am a spectacular leader"

"I know how to connect genuinely with people"

"My company is a magnet of talents who want to work here"

By changing his beliefs, Paul now sees his role as a leader differently and is able to retain talent, because he thinks it is worth it to take time to create long-lasting relationships with his team, he also believes that he is enough, that belief makes him feel better about himself and act more appropriately.

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