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Quarantine or Quintessence ? Confinement or Consciousness ?

Quintessencial Counsciousness or Denial ? As I am moving through this situation it becomes clearer and clearer that I have made a choice. I have made the absolute choice to choose my words and to create my Covid-19 reality. At the onset, I used the word quarantine, I am now using quintessence. It started by being a confinement and it is becoming consciousness. Some may say that I come from a place of denial, and many years ago, I would have also shared that view. You may be surprised at how much more realistically those words reflects my reality and, maybe, yours too. What does quarantine means: 1) A period of 40 days…2)A restraint upon the activities or communication of persons or transport of goods designed to prevent the spread of a disease or pests. ( Merriam-Webster) What does quintessence means: 1)The most important part of something… 2)The perfect example ( of something) ex: He was the quintessence of calm. ( Merriam-Webster) Humm… In essence, what started by being a constraint is becoming the most important part of, the perfect example of. Try to say out loud '' I live in quarantine now'' and write down one or two words of how saying this makes you feel , now, do the same with ''I live in quintessence now''. I don’t know about you, but for me, the feeling of a life full of quintessence is much more appealing and appeasing, almost to the point of feeling purposeful, than living in quarantine, which sounds like a life sentence. You may think that it does not apply to you, try this : What shows up now as being the most important to you ? Maybe you are at the quintessence of getting good sleep ? Maybe you are experiencing the quintessence of feeling close and connected to your children everyday ? What is the perfect example in your life now ? My life is the perfect example that one can go to grocery once every two weeks and be fine, my life is the perfect example that one can be living downtown and hearing the birds in the morning. It maybe for you that your life is the perfect example of how you can work from home and being productive having kids around ? It might be that the way you are pivoting your business now, is a perfect example of creativity ? Which part of your life now is the best example of ? Your subconscious mind is absolutely influenced by the words you are using and the images you are projecting in your head . You can now fill your subconscious mind with beautiful words that sparks your imagination and elating images that will influence your experience forever. What does confinement means ? The state of being confined ( held captive, limited to a particular location) – Merriam Webster What does consciousness means? The quality or state of being aware especially of something within oneself - Merriam Webster I am sure I don’t need to redo the exercise above to demonstrate that by telling myself that I live in consciousness now makes me feel much better than if I say to myself that I live in confinement. Now I am conscious that I live in confinement, physically, because many of my habits are being challenged now, but, psychologically, with imagination, I can travel beyond my 1367 square foot, downtown living space and still feel a certain level of freedom. I am aware of what is subtly changing in myself every day, of what is becoming quintessential in my life, what I can easily weed out and no longer need etc.. What are you getting more conscious about ? How is that consciousness impacts your vision of being in confinement ? How do you feel when you say out loud that you now live in consciousness ? Since the beginning of my ''quintessential consciousness experience'' Roberto Benigni’s poignant movie '' Life is beautiful'' keeps looping in my head. If a father, for the love of his son, barter a war parade for a fanfare to create a deliberate positive imprint in his son’s memory , what can we do to barter our confinement for consciousness ? Our Quarantine for Quintessence ? In conclusion, I invite you to create 2 words now to shape your covid-19 reality, just try it, allow yourself to play with it, give yourself the gift of a new experience, I am sure that this exercicde won’t be the only new thing in your life ! Change Quarantine by Qu… Change Confinement by Con… If you want to share your new words and inspire others, please do so ! *This newsletter is not edited, as I write it spontaneously Sunday night. English is not my mother tongue, so bear with my grammar etc but make no mistakes, it comes from the heart !

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