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Robert is free !

This is the story of Robert, when he first came to see me, he was struggling with serious anxiety, at a point where he couldn't recognize himself anymore.

I really want to share this testimony because many people are now experiencing what Robert was experiencing late December, when we had our first conversation.

Robert is a prominent man with a profession that has been seriously impacted by Covid. All this made his work very hard, but yet, mandatory. He is in contact with people highly impacted by the situation where a lot of important things are at stake. His natural empathy made him absorbed a lot of the distress around him, which added to his own one.

Layer after layer, for 5 sessions, he realised how he had carried a lot of other people's weight most of his life and how meeting other people's standards and expectations has been detrimental to hiw own mental health.

From what Robert told me, his physician was very happy to see him so well.

This is what he sent me yesterday morning:

''At first I was worried and scared and I didn't know what to expect from my first session but when I completed it I felt like a changed man.

For the next following sessions, I felt I was becoming a new man.

I left the past and the problems behind me. I had dealt with my biggest challenge, my anxiety.

Before starting that journey, I wasn't happy, always worrying and I didn't like being on medication.

I am now 1000% happier, no longer on medication, I do not feel anxious anymore and I haven't had any panic/anxiety attacks since the first session we had together.

This experience changed my life forever and I am now a happier person and a free man.

Just trust the process and allow yourself to rediscover yourself.

It is worth the experience!''

To discover how RTT method can help you, book your discovery call now !

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