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The Noise In My Head or Sylvia's Story.

Within a week, I could no longer hear the noise I'm my head that I had for the past 12 years“ - Sylvia


When this client told me about the constant noise in her head for 12 years that even woke her up at night, I told her that I didn't know if I could help her but I was willing to go with her to see what her unconscious mind had to say about it. I knew that for her other issues I could really help her, but for this one, frankly I had no idea. After making sure that her medical follow-ups did not indicate any problems outside of my area of expertise, we dove in together and found the reasons for these noises and eliminated them completely. We first worked on confidence, the ability to express oneself etc. to see if this would help reduce the noise, as it had no effect, we then tackled the problem head on. I am very happy that I was able to help Sylvia deal with this very disturbing issue. We dealt with this several months ago and the noises never came back.

''This beautiful adventure started a few months ago following a call with Janylene.

Since our first session, Janylene is trustworthy. She is genuine, non-judgmental, enthusiastic and confident in her results with the RTT technique.

I chose to trust her and to free myself from my blockages. But where do I start?

I had a happy childhood, loving parents, a stable home, a job that I love.

So why did I feel like something was blocking me?

I was often on the verge of achieving my goals, yet I would self-sabotage.

Together, we worked on different areas of my life:

✓ Build my self confidence;

✓ Accept who I am;

✓ Forgive myself for my past decisions;

✓ Allow myself to express my needs;

✓ Increase my confidence at work;

✓ Recognize my talents and the value of my work;

✓ Change an eating habit.

And finally, against all odds, I was able to free myself of the constant noise I had in my head for 12 years. After a week, I freed myself of this burden, can you imagine ?

Janylene is the best gift I have ever given myself.

Today, I feel an inner peace, freedom and appreciation for who I am.''

Sylvia, a woman who appreciates silence


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