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2020 no efforts required !

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

As soon as mid-November conversations about seasonal depression start to fade, the new year’s resolutions topic starts to pop up.

There's a ton of reasons why new year's resolutions fail, one being that science says that it takes 66 days before new habits become automatic*. Another one is that we count on will and self motivation for things that are hard wired and tough to change. Plus we don't get specific help and tools to achieve the changes!

Like many of us, I have tried the pony tricks - setting the same intentions a few years in a row or deciding on a theme for the year. But I have reached my limit and I have caught the new year's resolution fatigue syndrome.

This year I want this to be effortless AND successful, so I have decided I will put to use what is closest to me, what is most available naturally and absolutely wired in me: my natural sense of joy!

I was born infused with a joyful inner state and I intend to harness this blessing plentifully and with no apologies! No efforts, no investments, no reminder note on the fridge, in 2020, I will be me, I will be joy, I will laugh and I will smile because that is truly who I am.

So if you like my simple revolutionary attitude, join me and make 2020 a year to embrace and celebrate your natural talents and inner gifts and make 2020 a piece of cake - no efforts required, and 1000% guaranteed success!

However, if you are stuck and unsure about your gifts and unable to celebrate your inner self, or if you find yourself restless thinking about the coming year, I can help. Within 1 to 3 sessions, together, we will get to the root beliefs that are holding you back and reset yourself for wellbeing and for feeling amazing in your own skin.

Janylene Turcotte, Certified Hypnotherapist



T. 514 576-9578

Let your beautiful mind take you further, faster

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