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Michelle Express Herself Easily!

Feeling confident when speaking out is not given to everyone.

Michelle comes to see me because she is frustrated and angry. Her business is not going in the desired direction.

She feels like she's no longer having fun, no longer has a personal life and is losing control of everything.

She recently partnered up with an associate, and their common goal is to grow the business. She feels a growing discomfort that she doesn't really understand.

She shuns meetings, finding all kinds of pretenses.

She often finds herself in a bad mood and ruminates on the idea of selling everything and starting a small, simple company.

She feels angry when she is:

• In a meeting with her new enthusiastic partner who has a thousand projects;

• In front of potential investors who scrutinize her business and ask her a host of questions;

• Obliged to answer questions about the future of her company.

Under hypnosis, we discovered the internalized beliefs that explained these behaviors:

• “I will be ridiculed if I don't know the answers”;

• “I must be perfect at all times”;

• “I don't know how to express myself”.

So we went in search of a past event in which the belief took root.

During an oral presentation at school, she had a blank, feeling unable to speak and answer questions on the chosen topic. The teacher humiliated her in front of the class and the students laughed. She was told that she did not know her subject, that she had not studied well.

Once we know when and how the belief took root ... what to do next?

Change our own beliefs, sometimes by giving other outcomes to events.

We replayed the scene under hypnosis, a scene where everything went perfectly, where she would have given a spectacular presentation.

New beliefs then take place:

• “I know how to express myself easily and eloquently”;

• “I have enough knowledge to present my ideas with confidence”;

• “When someone laughs at me, it's about that person and not me.

There were other issues in this case, but the fear of ridicule was central.

Michelle is still reflecting on the future of her business as her sessions have given her the opportunity to focus on her quality of life.

She now envisions a very wide range of possibilities within which to choose what she really wants to do.

Since then, she’s had meetings with potential buyers, with whom she now feels very comfortable communicating and she knows that not providing all the answers does not mean that she is inferior or ridiculous. She responds credibly and confidently.

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