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Time to get creative? You've got this.

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

What is limitless, available 24-7 and free? Your creativity! What is THE key to surviving and thriving in times of crisis? Your creativity! What stands in the way of your most creative, revolutionary ideas? You! Your beliefs, your perceptions, the stories you tell yourself about your creativity.

If you are born, you've probably figured out by now that the ways in which you engage with your clients, your partners, employer, employees, family, friends and even with yourself will require creative adaptability in the days ahead.

So, let’s say you have identified an opportunity or an issue that you are trying to leverage or find a solution to OR maybe you are at your wit’s end and just don't know what to think. Without realising it you are running a subconscious mindset, a story, about how successful you will be at creating and implementing the solution.

Your subconscious mind is partially running your show, so here is how to get it working for you.

Creativity for the not-so-creative

Chances are you have deeply ingrained beliefs about how creative you are/aren’t, based on what you've been told and based on how you’ve interpreted past experiences, failures or successes. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this can be a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you think poorly of your knack for creativity, you need to stop the presses and rewrite your copy!

You NEED your creativity in times of crisis and you CAN change your negative thought patterns - fast.

Even if you don’t believe it - yet - I’m here to tell you that you are creative, you are amazing at implementation and you are about to start finding the surprising, profitable solution(s) you are looking for.

Let’s get you believing.

What do you really believe?

As Carl Jung said:

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”


What are your unconscious beliefs about your ability to MacGyver yourself or your business out of a crisis?

Aye, there’s the rub!

  • You probably have contradictory feelings about your abilities

  • You may well be in denial

  • You may be afraid that whatever you think is inadequate

If you stay on the conscious level to get information that is unconscious, you may never figure it out.

Hypnosis is your key to Alibaba's cave

How do you find out your innermost secret thoughts? Through self-hypnosis! Self-hypnosis is simple, it works, it's free, and it is the key to Alibaba's cave. Your subconscious is a treasure trove of information about what you really think, and by simply asking yourself questions at the right moment, you can find out all there is to know about how creative you think you are (and many other topics).

No need to wait until just before you fall asleep or for a spontaneous moment of clarity (which may be a long time coming). You can voluntarily induce a state of wakeful receptivity and find out what beliefs you are made of, and then change them if you so choose.

Check out this two-minute video on how to induce hypnosis*

*Never practise hypnosis while operating machinery. Only do hypnosis where it is safe for you to fall asleep, should that happen.

Information gives you traction

While under hypnosis, ask yourself very specific questions, for example:

  • What is the solution to making (a specific business activity) more profitable/generating more income

  • What is holding me back from finding creative solutions

  • What needs in my customer base am I not catering to

  • What’s keeping my team from getting creative

  • What does my team need to start working well together

  • What are my beliefs about creativity

Be patient, the answers will become clear. If it helps, write them down as they come. They could appear at any time - in the shower, in a dream, in the form of a sentence you read or hear. Stay aware.

Here are some of the limiting beliefs you might find you have about creativity:

Such critical inner language limits your ability to express your full potential. But the minute you start being aware of your thoughts is the exact minute when you start clawing back control.

Is Spanx™ such a terrible idea? In the beginning, Sara Blakely, CEO of Spanx, simply wanted to be able to wear white pants without her underwear showing. Even though nobody liked her solution right out of the gate, she now heads up a billionaire company. Clearly, she had a great set of beliefs about her ability to be creative!

Rewrite your beliefs

Once you see your mindset for what it is, a set of beliefs, you can begin rewiring yourself. Here is a suggestion: take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle, write your beliefs to the left, and on the right, write the opposite belief:

  • I am not creative –> I am creative

  • I never have any ideas --> I have fantastic ideas

  • I am too cartesian --> Once I have a great idea I can implement it with my cartesian mind

If your brain can believe that you are not creative it can just as well believe that you are!

Using your rewritten beliefs (above) create a text for yourself and, under hypnosis, read your new, much more useful beliefs to yourself (see video on self-hypnosis).

Read your new beliefs in the morning, during break times, put them on your phone alarm, write them on your mirror… The brain learns by repetition. You have been telling yourself negative things for so long, it will take a bit of time (surprisingly, not so long) to reprogram. You should start seeing changes to how you feel and behave in very short order.

Now you can rewrite your bottom line!

Now that you are familiar with the amazing tool that is self-hypnosis, use it to your advantage! Your business can benefit, your employer or employees can benefit, your business partners, friends and family. To unleash that huge bottom line potential that lies within you, use your creativity and self-hypnosis!

The more you practise self-hypnosis, the more proficient you will become. Don’t hesitate to make it a part of your every-day routine and apply it to unlock your potential in specific areas.

Beneficial beliefs about creativity

These might help as you reframe your thoughts about creativity:

Creativity is fun

Creativity allows us to create a better world

Creativity is behind everything we use, see, hear, eat

Creativity is available 24-7, on demand

Creativity is a phenomenal tool to thrive through any issue and situation

Creativity needs time to work, and that is perfectly fine

Creativity increases your bottom line

Creativity is the best insurance against pandemics

Creativity gives hope

Creativity rallies people together

Creativity allows my business to grow exponentially

Creativity finds remedies

Other topics you could use this technique with: money blocks, emotional triggers, better sleep, self-esteem, relationships, etc.


This happened on my watch

A super creative entrepreneur came to me one day because at a critical moment in the implementation of her latest project (it’s innovative - you’ll be hearing about this person!), her sleep schedule went wonky, her routines were off, she kept procrastinating. Under hypnosis, we found out that she was running language her father had hurled at her in childhood when she tried to solve family problems - “Nobody cares about your ideas, you make things too complicated, you have crazy ideas, stop being so different”. I recorded a script for her to listen to for 21 days, and she is back on track. Very simple, very effective.

Now it's your turn to turn your internal logic on its head.

You've got this!


To find out more about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy, check out my blog

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Let your brilliant mind take you further, faster.

Janylène Turcotte, CRHA, ACC, C. Hyp, RTT

Certified Hypnotherapist, CEO and Founder,

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