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The reality of Cancer... according to Helene!

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

When I was in LA for my RTT course, I couldn't stop thinking about my mother, to be more accurate I could not stop "hearing" my mother. Marisa Peer is truly phenomenal, but so much of what she was teaching us, my mom had already taught me. There I was, 5 flying hours away from home, to hear what I already knew, but apparently we learn through repetition :).

I love true stories and this one is about my mother and how she turned her radiotherapy stay at the hospital into a deep healing journey.

At the time, I was not appreciative of her approach and criticized her harshly, bluntly telling her she was putting her head in the sand.

When she broke the news, the first thing my mother instructed us was how we were going to talk about THE 6 letter words (Can…) First, she made it very clear that it was not HER cancer it was A cancer. She explained that she was REFUSING to make this visit in her body hers. I can hear silly me saying again, but mom, it is a cancer, face it!! She would utter the 6-letter word a few time, but only in very necessary circumstances. She was really wise and I was going to learn it many years later, especially reading through Bruce Lipton’s work,

The biology of belief.

You have to know my mother has used the power of suggestions and commanding words since we were little kids and I have many wonderful stories with proven results of her methodology, one being she healed herself from chronic ulcerative colitis. She was ahead of her time and it’s a shame she had to pretend she had heard that trick on television or read it in a magazine for people around her not to tell her she was delusional.

So back to the story, after the surgery, came radiotherapy. "I am going to Club Med" she told us about her 9-week stay at the hospital. She added "I don’t want anyone to come and see me, I am going to have my treatment in the morning and then I will try everything on the menu!" This is how, every day, she went to ALL activities that were proposed by the center where she was. She wanted to be incognito and open herself without being judged or having to wait for a visitor and miss the party!

And off she went, she loved therapeutic drawing, she said it stimulated her creativity and concentration, she went to watch movies at the theater, she would have never gone to, Gi-gong was her thing and she had conversations and connections with new people on a different level. Meanwhile, she channelled that renewed energy and the strengths it was creating to instruct and command her body to heal, to regenerates etc.

You know what she did that was very powerful? She LOVED being there, she was enthusiastic about the activities, she was open to what she would receive and she talked about it with joy and so it BECAME her. Yes she was burnt, yes it hurt, but, a lot less than if she would have spent her day complaining, sitting in her bed crying feeling miserable. I am not saying she did not have her bad days and that radiotherapy is a walk in the park, but the way you make the decision to live something becomes who you are, becomes your reality. My mother created a reality that changed her experience of radiotherapy and has helped her heal faster and better.

She, like many people facing illness, had to face anger and so she took the workshop on expressing anger it inspired her so much that she gave me the course after and shared the tricks… Her learning lives on.

The story does not end there. Upon returning she continued piano lessons, Spanish courses and again people asked her… Why are you taking Spanish ( she lives in a small town in the country)? You want to travel? "No, I like Spanish, I like the sound of it, it is great for my brain" and guess what else… Kickboxing, she started to train with kids and teenagers. She is on her journey to get her brown belt! Like she says, "They don’t know I am 72, on the mat, we are all the same".

In conclusion, events in your life are not determining your experience but the meaning you attach to it does. Don’t listen to people who are telling you to face reality, create your reality and embrace it with strong words, joy and enthusiasm. This is why I have chosen RTT methodology, to help my clients, like my mother has helped herself through the power of words and suggestions. That is the best way I can tell her how much I love her, by promoting her ultra gifted inner wisdom!

Janylene Turcotte, CHRP, ACC, C. Hyp, RTT

T. 514 576-9578

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